Catering for construction workers – Hertfordshire and North London

Catering for construction workersCatering for Construction Workers

– Hertfordshire & London –

Catering for construction workers in Herts and North London is not all about bacon baps and builders teas. If your workers are not properly fed, they cannot work well, and every project manager can pinpoint the productivity drain of your crew leaving the site for lunch or snacks.

Nutrition and the quality of food is a sound investment that reaps great return in the concentration and productivity of your workers. Construction work involves a serious expenditure of both physical and mental energy and so companies taking responsibility for feeding their crews must ensure that they are adequately fuelled for the task. Inadequate caloric intake over many days will deplete your human resources in sickness, fatigue and a lack of concentration.

Our construction catering service bears this in mind with a delicious and innovative menu, devised by executive chef David Ho, that is high energy, nutritious and tasty. We can provide hot and cold catered main meals as well as good quality snacks to keep your workers filled and not wandering of site to get fed. We will be up and waiting for you and your crew with a hearty breakfast of sandwiches and other favourites, to ensure that your team starts the working day well. Our personable staff are trained to avoid being a distraction and we utilise the minimum space when on site.

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