Construction Catering Company – Hertfordshire & North London

Construction Catering CompanyConstruction Catering Company

 – Hertfordshire & London –

Keeping your workforce working is essential on any building site. With the time and financial pressures faced by even moderate sized projects, ensuring your crew is well fed, on site, is a shrewd investment and can really extend the productivity of your men on the ground.

We are a reliable construction catering company, who are experienced at the challenges you will face in keeping your crew well fed and more importantly working hard. We know that hot and cold beverages, snacks and hearty mains will be well appreciated by your workers, and few caterers will be on site with a tasty hot plate to meet them at a 4am staff.

Our courteous and polite staff are professional and personable and seek to be part of the team working toward your goal. We can consult with you on a cost effective strategy for catering at your building site, from sandwich buffets, salads and refrigerated products to full hot and cold catering 3 meals per day. Our team can cater a cost effective and delicious menu, meeting all dietary and allergy requirements and depending on the scope of your project we can be available around the clock. Duration of our construction camp catering services can vary from a few days to several months and we will provide a consistent service to your crew.

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