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If you seek professional and experienced film catering in London and Hertfordshire, then know that with Sandwich and Buffet Company it’s a wrap (…or a slice…or a bap…it’s up to you really!)

We are preferred catering providers to the hard working men and women who produce the best known titles of the silver screen. Our film catering services include hot and cold buffets to cater for any location, sandwich platters, wraps, canapes and much more.

We have off-the-shelf catering options as well as bespoke film catering menu for London and Herts. If there are any special dietary requirements for any of your staff, we can make arrangements to ensure they are well taken care of. Film food catering is quite an art and one which we have honed and refined giving you superior service levels onsite to ensure your shoot schedule is well complemented with catering provisions.

Our best value for money catering service puts us among some of the premium film catering companies in London and Hertfordshire. Whatever your film catering budget, we are sure we have a selection to exceed your expectations. With premium deep filled sandwiches at such reasonable prices you can ensure that your crew will be suitably fed without astronomical expense. Our film catering prices are set a fixed rate per head which makes it transparent and easy for you in calculating a cost quotation for your shoot.

For best in class film catering in London and Hertfordshire, call us today for a competitive quote.

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