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Sandwich and Buffet Company are experts in lunch catering for North London.

Our sandwich and buffet company borne out of a well-loved eatery loves serving good food, but we increasingly notice our customers are getting their orders ‘to go’. We have become a busy people.

Fast paced business, healthcare, science and politics keep our capital city moving, but even the most abstract and intellectual enterprises in London need re-fuelling. Brain power requires constant levels of glucose and a skinny latte just isn’t enough to keep up concentration and productivity critical to the productivity of our economy. Mile long queues at the usual deli’s and cafes have become a wearing way to spend one’s lunch hour with your toasted bagel just about eaten before you have to be back at your desk. At the other extreme, lunch may be foregone altogether in melee of typing, copying, printing and meeting.

Why not break out of the mundanity of your typical lunch break and upgrade with our premium lunch catering London? We serve a delicious range of platters with sandwiches, bagels, filled croissants and more. All our cuisine is freshly prepared and can be delivered to your desk. Liven up a lunch time meeting, bosses treat the troops or just save some cash with your colleagues by clubbing together for a lunch platter. We can service one-time orders, regular accounts or daily deliveries as you prefer. Take a look at our menu, as you can see we have every kind of filling you could require or desire and if for some reason something is missing just let us know and you got it!

For lunch catering in North London and Hertfordshire, call us today for a competitive quote.

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