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– Hertfordshire & London –

Sandwich and Buffet Company is a willing and ready location catering company in North London.

We are a professional, reliable and courteous team who will be able to provide on-site catering throughout your film shoot. We understand that finding the ideal location often means that amenities and refreshments are bottom of the priority list, but we are here to take up the slack.

We are a location catering hire company who enjoy providing you and your crew with fresh, delicious sandwiches, baps, rolls, croissants and other hot and cold delicacies. We operate our venture alongside a well loved retail outlet and aim to bring our cafe on wheels for your actors and crew. Film and TV location catering companies’ cuisine can become rather staid especially if your location shoot is long, but our executive chef David Ho will be available to consult on developing an exciting menu which is on budget (no unexpected location catering prices) yet will impress and satisfy your actors, extras, agents and others.

Quality is critical to the flavour and nutrition of our cuisine and we use the freshest ingredients prepared by hand by our experienced team. Bespoke orders and requests are not a problem and for our friendly team no request is too much of a stretch. We are happy to be waiting for you from dawn to dusk and through the night with hot and cold cuisine.

Call us today to make a booking.

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