Corporate Catering: A Business Breakfast with a Difference

Mini QuichesCorporate Catering: A Business Breakfast with a Difference

– London & The Home Counties –

Perhaps it is a throwback to the 1980s, Gecko-type ‘all work and no play’ work culture, or simply excellent time management – breakfast meetings – really make us think of business dynamism and verve. The important thing is that any breakfast meeting is done well. Obviously top-class corporate catering is a great incentive to motivate a punctual arrival of parties for an early morning start. Yet cuisine cannot dominate the proceedings and you and your staff do not want to be drowsy after a heavy meal at all of 8am. Therefore it falls to an experienced caterer like us to draw the line, balancing crisp presentation, fresh and delicious cuisine and punctual and reliable service to create refreshments that really to refresh and keep your staff going for an entire working day.

We feel that variety will always keep your staff alert and energised. Fresh fruit, yoghurt bowls, bagels and croissants  are also hand friendly food which does not mean pouring and potentially spilling milk, with cumbersome bowls alongside important paperwork. We will deliver bespoke platter catering to your office, at the time and location of your convenience with disposable cutlery and serviettes. If you are looking for breakfast like a king, Sandwich Buffet Company’s professional staff are ready and waiting for your order!

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