Desk exercises to burn off your Lunch Catering

Construction Catering CompanyDesk exercises to burn off your Lunch Catering

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If you have recently ordered a delicious luxury sandwich platter from Sandwich Buffet Company, delivered to your door and featuring deep filled croissants, rolls, bagels and baguettes, you will probably be still feeling full and satisfied and perhaps keen to order another. We can’t dictate portion sizes, but here at SBC we would like to kindly advise a few desk exercises to burn off the delicious office catering we specialise in and perhaps leave you ready to reach for another ciabatta panini. If you are one of the over 50% of our workforce who sit at a desk all day we would politely encourage you to try a few desk exercises to get the blood flowing and stimulate the grey cells. We know many of you will be working out later but the benefits of pushing back the sedentary activities are well worth having a go.

Get moving with some simple stretches at the desk being careful if you are in a narrow cubicle. But some upward and lateral back stretches should ease out that all too familiar hunched-over posture.  Next, get up and walk around, not to malinger but perhaps with an hourly and purposed walk to the water cooler (rather than coffee-machine and mate). Marching legs getting those thighs up and moving should bring a welcome boost in circulation and alertness and calf raises and rotating your ankles sweet relief for those ladies in high heels.

Input matters just as much as output  and nutritious healthy lunch catering can mean your whole team enjoys a delicious and well balanced lunch break with the productivity benefits felt throughout the day and well beyond! Call our kitchen to have a healthy platter delivered direct to your door.


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