Excellent staff make successful Corporate Catering

bigstock-Catering-at-business-company-e-33345038Excellent staff make successful Corporate Catering

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A successful business event rests on planning, organisation and discipline. Though nuanced to appear social and relaxed we know that your corporate event is an extremely focused and diligently executed affair. From opening M&A negotiations to welcoming new employees, how you show hospitality will speak volumes about the way in which you do business. We have mentioned before that every company needs an excellent caterer on speed dial, last minute bookings are like leaving your companies revenues in the hands of a man with a eye mask, sack and black and white jumper. Not only does the cuisine have to be exceptional but the staff, the staff, the staff must be up to standard. When those men and women who are serving join your event, they are joining your team and representing your company. Any sign of negligence and distraction is a liability and it is important you work with a caterer who understands this. Last minute agency booking may not be adequate to the task so here are some key areas you need to clarify with your caterer about the staff at your event.

Have they worked with them before?  Many caterers do not retain or have a working relationship with the catering staff they hire to serve at your event. You cannot afford for this to be a last minute detail and the quality and provenance of the referenced staff is as important as that of the food.

Do they have mastery of the language? Conversation and etiquette make or break a corporate event. Though discrete and discerning staff should be able to politely and intelligently answer questions of the patrons or guests and talk about the food.

Do they have previous experience? Simply vital.

Are they familiar with the menu? The fruit of this is manifest in many a successful event where servers are confident and informed about what they are serving, can check for allergies and keep the conversation flowing and the food moving into mouths.

Are they able to receive communications about the event prior to it starting? This is an excellent way of discreetly gauging if your caterer knows who will be serving at your event.

If these points mean as much to your business as it does to ours then Sandwich Buffet Company are the caterers of choice for your next corporate event. Call our kitchen today.

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