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It is essential that we have a balanced diet. The definition of which is very much open to debate these days as there is so much contention over, butter vs. marg, vegitarianism vs. meat, an egg per day? You can see  how confusing it can all get. We must not be ruled by fear, but be sensible, after all, variety is a spice isn’t it? In these fast-paced modern times we can focus on something with enough flavour  (for flavour read: SALT SUGAR AND FAT) to distract us long enough from our i-phone or i-pad to know we have eaten. No so at Sandwich Buffet Company, we take your business meeting, office lunch or away day refreshment as an opportunity to provide your with REAL FOOD, wholesome, fresh and delicious, everything that we serve fresh and ready to order at our well-known Potters Bar deli can be provided as well as additional salads, sweet treats and even canape catering for more formal corporate catering. We know that a square meal should include a balance of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals and our deep filled croissants, rolls, bagels and baguettes provide a balanced meal with each bite. If you do over-indulge with us perhaps you should consider taking a little light exercise to burn some of it off. We can deliver regular orders or bespoke catering for one-off events. If you are a manager or employer looking to boost team morale and productivity why not consider opening an account for Friday lunches on you. We would be happy to help. Call our kitchen today.

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