The History of The Sandwich (Catering)

Construction Catering CompanyThe History of The Sandwich (Catering)

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Nothing can better a good sandwich as a hearty way to eat, while on the go or during a relaxing afternoon tea. Every nation and culture has its take on that classic combination of fresh bread with tasty fillings and we just cant get enough of them with 62% of the population eating at least one each year. But where did this ingenious cuisine come from and who was the originator. You may be surprised to know that there are contenders to John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich thought to be the originator of the sandwich. He takes credit for instructing his trusty valet to bring him slabs of meat tucked between two slices of bread leading to the order “the same as Sandwich!” – something we hear a lot in our Potters Bar deli. But did you know that Jewish sages, aristocrats and those in the middle east all have been combining meat and bread in a similar way for centuries. Of course we’ve seen this simple fare upgraded especially with the all-American classic hamburger and perhaps the opposite with the chip butty. But filled bread has not been bettered as an excellent way to fill up. If the though of a tasty sandwich is getting your tummy to rumble why not enjoy a delicious sandwich platter delivered to your door buy Sandwich Buffet Company. Our Potters Bar deli is a local favourite and we are please to share our delicious selection of deep filled croissants, rolls, bagels and baguettes, and lunch catering with patrons across North London and Hertfordshire. Call us today to make your order.

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