The Importance of Lunch Catering

Construction Catering CompanyThe Importance of Lunch Catering

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A delicious and tasty lunch is often out of the reach of many mouths these days, as working life becomes more intense and dominates the landscape. With our nation’s employees working harder and harder, it becomes even more important that nutrition is optimised and stress minimised as much as possible. Many are making do with tea, coffee and crisps at the desk or forgoing lunch altogether and breakfast consumptions do not fare much better amongst the commuter crowd. Michael Gecko got it wrong. Lunch is not for wimps. Despite the proliferation of branded, coffee outlets, a good quality sandwich with hearty filling is hard to find, and if you are on an industrial estate, business park or on-call in a hospital out of hours, there is often little provision of even palatable let alone, nutritious, cuisine. Providing a healthy and nutritious lunch is an investment is your business’ greatest asset  – your employees. A good lunch, levels critical blood sugar levels keeping the brain happy for good concentration and productivity as well as regulating adrenal output critical for long-term physical health. There are also the added benefits of reducing stress, improving relationships and teamwork between colleagues and providing a well deserved break. Perhaps you are an employer looking to increase employee productivity and retention or a manager looking to prioritise team cohesion. Why start with the best in lunch catering across London and Hertfordshire with a platter from Sandwich Buffet Company. We can provide platters loaded with deep filled croissants, rolls, bagels and baguettes, with the love, care and customer service of our Potter’s Bar deli. All packaged with serviettes and forks and delivered to your office. If you want to add some excitement to a regular office catering order we are on hand with salads, dips, and a wide variety of accompaniments made to order as well as a few favorites for the sweeter tooth. Call us today to make your order.


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