A rustic office catering selection: Cheese and Pickle

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–  A rustic office catering selection: Cheese and Pickle –

Sandwich cuisine showcases the best of British cultural food, and artisanal food making and it is no surprise that the humble cheese and pickle sandwich is a favourite amongst these isles. Perhaps hearkening back to this society’s agrarian roots, on can picture a farm labourer with knotted hanky on a stick holding his simple lunch of hard cheese, a hunk of bread and pickles to enjoy some strong flavours and energise his rest. For the modern day worker this combination seems to be just as satisfying with millions of these sandwiches bought. And sold across the UK daily . With all simple foods the quality and freshness is where the satisfaction lies and a good quality cheddar and pickle on a well buttered dense loaf is always a hearty choice. If you are more inventive perhaps melted in a panini adds a modern twist.


Here at Sandwich Buffet Company we love serving delicious cuisine with the freshest ingredients, crafted to your exacting requirements. Be it with a twist of black pepper or a drizzle of olive oil or a handful of crisps – tell us how you like your lunch catering today!

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