Prawn Cocktail: a lunch catering favourite

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–¬†Prawn Cocktail: a lunch-catering favourite! –

The combination of exotic seafood, bread and sauce is just as popular today as it ever has been and no deli, bistro or sandwich shop of merit can be without a version of the classic prawn cocktail or prawn mayonnaise. The combination of delicate but juicy prawns and creamy mayonnaise or spicy thousand island dressing makes a rich and hearty lunch time meal and it is most delicious when served on fresh buttered bread (or a toasted bagel personally).

This tasty combination is said to owe its invention to an unnamed gold prospector on the West Coast of the United States. Following a rare find of gold nuggets he headed to a restaurant in San Fransisco and ordered a plate of oysters. To the astonishment of the patron he poured his oysters into a glass with Worcester sauce Tabasco and any other condiments available and slurped the lot back in one. This rather course way of partaking of seafood soon became popular – offered in every restaurant in town! Gentrified as it crossed the Atlantic the seafood cocktail was softened with the 1970s favourite Marie Rose sauce, a tangy combination of ketchup and mayo for many a dinner party. With commuter lifestyles and our work culture increasing it was only a matter of time before those succulent seasoned prawns found themselves between two slices and served at many a sandwich shop.
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