Tuna and office-catering get on swimmingly!

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– Tuna and office-catering get on swimmingly! –

Tuna is always catch of the day with classic lunch catering from Sandwich Buffet Company! This mighty fish is canned and exported worldwide and has given rise to a variety of healthy and tasty sandwich fillings characterised by its distinctive taste. In America just over 50% of all tuna ends up in a sandwich with the classic combination of tuna and mayonnaise best loved. This humble sandwich has big beginnings, with this large saltwater finfish (which is part of the mackrel family) found deep in the waters of the Pacific. The canned steaks are flaked and combined with dressings and seasonings to create a range of delicious protein-rich sandwich fillings. Sweetcorn is a well known accompaniement but pickles, sliced peppers, vinegarette dressing, cucumber and even honey can be added to your taste. We love that even though tuna has a distinctive taste it enhances other flavours and does not overwhelm. Good quality tuna is dolphin friendly, not using drag nets but a simple pole and line.


Here at Sandwich Buffet Company we love serving delicious cuisine with the freshest ingredients, crafted to your exacting requirements. Be it with a twist of black pepper or a drizzle of olive oil or a handful of crisps – tell us how you like your lunch catering today!

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