Delicious breads for your sandwich catering

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– The delights of fine breads as a delicious complement to your sandwich catering –

Since opening almost 10 years ago we have not failed to serve our delicious range of sandwiches on oven fresh bread,  baked each and every morning before opening. In our opinion the bread which is a staple of a range of premium sandwich and lunch catering, Should be. So fresh, moist and delicious that it could be heartily enjoyed on its on or a spread of salted butter. Bread is the basis for a range of sandwiches and paninis and we can provide something for everyone to enjoy. If you enjoy a classic sliced white or brown, we butter and cool slices for a crisp presentation which slices admirably onto tasty squares or triangles. For the more metropolitan-minded we can do the sub – with big soft rolls just waiting to be loaded with any fillings required. Morning croissants and coffee are always on-hand for the commuter run as well as toasted bagels – ideal with a slab of smoked salmon and seasoned cream cheese. If you are enjoying a local coffee morning or lunch join us at our shop where you can sit down and enjoy a delicious. Panini, tuna mozzarella. And black olive or a fresh filled ciabatta with roasted peppers salami. Beverages and coffee are on hand for your enjoyment and of course we have service with a smile from our longstanding team.   Here at Sandwich Buffet Company we love serving delicious cuisine with the freshest ingredients, crafted to your exacting requirements. Be it with a twist of black pepper or a drizzle of olive oil or a handful of crisps – tell us how you like your lunch catering today!

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