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Funeral Catering in Hertfordshire

Funeral catering in Hertfordshire for all the family with Sandwich Buffet Company. We are accomplished funeral caterers for Hertfordshire and North London – providing a reliable, top quality service featuring deep fill premium sandwiches on freshly baked bread, alongside an assortment of finger buffet foods.

Our team are on hand to receive your booking request today and work with you to lay on a menu to satisfy all your guests and assist in making the occasion befitting the memory of the life passed of your beloved. Let us relieve you of the stress of delivering a carefully selected spread to fill the appetites of those near and dear to you on the day.

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One of Hertfordshire’s premier funeral catering companies

As one of the best funeral catering companies in Hertfordshire, Sandwich and Buffet Company are accustomed to the sensitivities of delivering top quality buffets and sandwich platter catering for such important events of high sentimental value. We always work to deliver the very best product according to your instruction and handle your guests with real care.

We cater for most dietary requirements and will always ensure adequate labelling and careful presentation. Our after funeral catering in Hertfordshire is just the conversation starter to lift the occasion and encourage guest engagement. One bit of advice when planning catering for a funeral in Hertfordshire is to get your menu defined well in advance based on the individual requirements of the guests.

One of your initial concerns could be costs for funeral catering receptions in Hertfordshire. Our menus are premium in quality, yet set at reasonable prices, you’ll find we’re definitely sensitive to accommodate your budget constraints. These are the considerations which we have made over the years when providing catering for funerals.

The most affordable funeral catering packages in Hertfordshire

Funeral catering packages in Hertfordshire have received a professional upgrade with Sandwich and Buffet Company. We are sandwich and buffet experts serving customers throughout the week out of our busy sandwich deli shop in Potter’s Bar. Simply, you’d need to first take a browse through our funeral catering menu for Hertfordshire and make a shortlist of the most desirable options, clearly taking into account the dietary preferences and peculiarities of all guests. Once you’ve compiled a list of preferred fillings, breads and foods – send us a request for quote via the short contact form on this page and send the details across to our team. 

Once we have a short list of foods, we will then quote you for the job (product plus service), then we will require at this stage any further special notices expected for the catering delivery of this Hertfordshire funeral director catering booking.  Once we have the date, venue, menu and catering quantities of funeral food catering set – we send an invoice for the work and receive our deposit against the services on the day.

I’m sure at close inspection you’ll find our funeral catering prices in Hertfordshire to be reasonable and of great value given the quality of product. If you are seeking something with a little more traditional, funeral tea catering in Hertfordshire is available with our company – complete with scones, butter, clotted cream, jam and honey. Our funeral catering quantities are generous as contrary to popular belief, funeral guests do carry quite an appetite, perhaps more comfort or perhaps nerves than hunger.

Catering for funeral catering services in Hertfordshire!

Our funeral catering services in Hertfordshire are just the reassurance you need when planning often is more of a celebration of life than a reflection of the passing of one’s beloved. We also are also sensitive to the cultural context of the occasion, and are just as comfortable catering a traditional English function than putting on Greek funeral catering in Hertfordshire let’s say…

Catering for funerals in Hertfordshire is also a speciality of ours – for a FREE quotation of our full buffet range, please call us on: 01707 642199.


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