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Office Catering in Wormley EN10

Office catering in Wormley EN10 just transitioned from grey to technicolour with Sandwich Buffet Company. We are not proponents of washed out sandwich menus and lean fillings – instead we aim to bring a long lasting delight upon your tummy and tastebuds.

Office catering service in Wormley EN10 for small and larger corporate offices, we are the choice sandwich catering company of those offices which value their productivity. We keep your workforce fuelled to the maximum with a nourishing mix of sandwiches and buffet foods.

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Local Office Catering Services in Wormley EN10 – familiar faces & delightful tastes

Local office catering services in Wormley EN10 for office parties as well as daily and weekly work programmes is all in hand with Sandwich Buffet Company’s accomplished team of office caterers.

Office outside catering in Wormley EN10 for parties and team building

Office outside catering in Wormley EN10 is the mode of choice for summer parties and buffet gatherings which is ideal for team building. We recommend taking a look at our outdoor buffet options and place an order in good time to ensure maximum notice as not to disappoint – we need a minimum of 24hrs to prepare.

Healthy office catering in Wormley EN10 – 5 a day with ease

Healthy office catering for Wormley EN10 is delivered with real expertise by Sandwich Buffet Company. We have the most healthy array of sandwich fillings and breads for the more prudent sandwich buyer. We ensure our sarnies are packed with luxurious mixes of vegetables giving the most health conscious buyer a satisfactory balance of meat fillings and the good ol’ green stuff.

Catering for office parties in Wormley EN10

We offer catering for office parties in Wormley EN10 throughout the seasons to cater for your professional gatherings whether it be to commemorate major milestones being achieved in the office or festive period occasions.

Catering for office meetings in Wormley EN10 – in-house or client

Catering for office meetings in Wormley EN10 is now available in technicolour with luscious textures and contrasts for your dining pleasure. Sandwich Buffet Company has rescued the local business community from the generic high street offerings and washed out monochrome menus with a sprinkle of coloured and cultured sandwich recipes.

Office catering delivery in Wormley EN10 straight to your door

Office catering delivery in Wormley EN10 has reached a new found level of convenience with Sandwich Buffet Company, with express corporate account ordering, simply call our order line and be put through to our kitchen staff who will handle your request with professionalism and efficiency. We have a mission to make office food catering as simple as possible and our clients seem to think we’ve cracked it.

Office function catering for small businesses throughout Wormley EN10

Affordable office function catering in Wormley EN10 just got more sophisticated with Sandwich Buffet Company. With office gourmet catering in Wormley EN10 , Sandwich Buffet Catering has taken corporate catering to new culinary heights.

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